ScreenToGif v2.1 简体中文单文件版

ScreenToGif,国外免费小巧实用的Gif动画录制工具!使用ScreenToGif, 可将屏幕任何区域及操作过程录制成GIF格式的动画图像,保存过程可对GIF动画进行编辑优化。这款优秀的工具原生单执行文件,界面非常简单,功能很不错,具有录制屏幕、录制摄像头、录制画板、编辑器等功能,编辑器功能非常强大,支持自定义Gif循环播放次数,哪些画面不要的话,还可个别删除掉,相当简单且方便。


2016.08.01 v2.1
Progress indicator overlay.
Asynchronous recording (optional).
New localizations: Arabic, Italian and Japanese.
Multiple images import enabled.
Option to change the recording cache location.
New “Save as” panel.
The app will remember the latest used destination folder and filename.
Increase or decrease filename number.
FFmpeg initial support.
Bug fixes:
Snap to window on Windows 10.
Tab-index order of the bottom controls on the screen recorder.
Frame selection using the keyboard on the editor.
Fit to image.
When deleting frames, the focus should stay on the frame list.
Send feedback.
Project import bug that prevented importing from a zip file.
Gif import bug when the gif had only 1 frame.
Captured images were saved incorrectly with the extension “bmp” instead of “png”.

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